Access Midstream Cherry Compressor Station

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CLIENT: Access Midstream

OWNER: Access Midstream



TIC: USD 100 million

This greenfield compressor station was safely completed under challenging circumstances with a high degree of Client satisfaction. The Access Project Engineer wrote “You and your personnel set the bar for Safety and Quality here in the Marcellus” noting that the start-up of the station was the cleanest, most trouble free start-up experienced to date.

The Station received five Caterpillar 3612 prime movers and five Ariel KBZ-6, three stage, six throw reciprocating compressors each rated at up to 7,800 bhp, with associated gas and engine cooling, 4 trains of dehy with regen units, slug catcher, condensate tankage, dump skid, silencer and all associated piping above and below ground. Temporary line heaters were installed to allow initial free flow of gas through the facility.

The site was largely hard rock which had been blasted to allow underground work. Winter weather challenges were safely overcome in the course of construction and our community relations with local residents were excellent.

This project worked over 150,000 manhours and completed without any recordable safety incidents. The Station was commissioned timely avoiding any delay related costs.