Martin Midstream Terminal Improvements

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CLIENT: Martin Midstream

OWNER: Martin Midstream


LOCATION: Beaumont, Texas

SMW Projects, Inc. is a trusted partner to the Martin companies. When Martin moved to invest in their Beaumont Marine Terminal infrastructure to meet evolving market needs they contracted SMW Projects for an efficient response to their need for tank foundation, berm and road work. SMW Projects’ proven Civil Construction team went right to work, excavating, forming and placing foundations, building up road beds, restoring berms and grading to improve drainage in their multi-product marine terminal, truckloading and storage facility.

In addition to the foundations for significantly increased sulfuric acid storage tankage, SMWP performed Spindletop pipeline tie ins, and fabricated and installed Tank 804 piping, valves and installed new product pumps associated with those systems.

Bulk sulfur handling capability was improved through construction of new hopper foundations and installation of new conveyor systems.

Over $1mm of work was completed safely, on time and with minimum impact to normal operations. No recordable injuries or incidents were encountered and the work was completed with a high degree of Client satisfaction.

Reference: Mr. Eric Langley, Plant Engineer
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