Williams Transco Station 190 Upgrades

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CLIENT: Dresser Rand Enginuity

OWNER: Williams Transco

LOCATION: Ellicott City, MD

When Dresser Rand was contracted to provide a High Pressure Fuel Injection Upgrade to this major compressor station they turned to SMW Projects to provide the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation Construction Services.

SMWP installed 14 Fin Fan cooling units, 14 glycol surge tanks, a new high pressure underground fuel pipeline, main fuel filter and pressure control skid as well as a new Atlas Copco 250 Air Compressor system.

Over 1.4 miles of pipe was installed in tight quarters and 1794 welds made with only 8 minor repairs required after x-ray (<0.5%)

Seven (7) Clark HCB and Three (3) Clark TLA Compressors and prime movers received not only high pressure fuel injection but enhanced jacket water and lube oil cooling systems, new turbo chargers and new unit control panels and PLCs.

SMW Projects also installed upgraded control systems on 2 Clark TCV compressor units to provide enhanced engine efficiency, safety and control. Over 5 ½ miles of stainless steel instrument tubing, 4 ½ miles of conduit and 32 miles of cabling from 1PR16 to 500 MCM was installed.

The job was completed with over 100,000 safe, injury and incident-free manhours and a high level of client satisfaction.